Quality assurance

Quality Assurance
It is of paramount importance to us that our residents, their family, friends & health care professionals have the utmost confidence in the quality of service we provide. As a company we promote transparency & strive for continuous improvement in all areas.
In common with all registered care homes, we are subject to external inspection by the Care Quality Commission, and invite you take take at look at our inspection reports.

Internal Quality Control measures are based upon consistent & on-going quality assurance checks and rigorous documentation of the services provided for each resident. We operate a transparent Whistle-blowing & Complaints policy, giving all service users, staff and interested parties the information and opportunity to make complaints.Any complaints made or action required are immediately recorded and monitored externally, by the Manager, Directors and CQC.

The company directors are very much involved with the day to day running of the home and take a hands on approach, and they personally undertake regular inspections of both homes. During each visit they interview residents and staff, carry out un-announced inspections of the premises and spot check a number of records.

The directors and managers hold resident, relative & staff forums & encourage constructive feedback through questionaires, enabling us to be not only repsonsive but proactive in meeting our residents needs.

Our comittmment to quality

At Oakdown House we work very hard to ensure that we achieve the highest of standards in everything we do in our home. You may will find these documenst helpful in understanding our committment to quality.

Our complaints policy
Positive Behavioural Support Policy